Following a complaint about Asian Hornets in that location, the GNR managed to identify the nest, which was located on a branch of a Cork Oak about 15 meters from the ground. Following the due diligence, the Civil Protection of Caldas da Rainha was informed and the nest was destroyed through chemical intervention (pheromones) and using mechanical systems for injection into the nest (carbon cane).

It should be noted that the Asian Hornet is a non-indigenous species, a natural predator of bees and other insects, which may eventually cause significant impacts on biodiversity in the medium term, in particular on native wasp species and other insect populations, representing a risk to beekeeping, agricultural production and the environment. For all these risks the Asian Hornet was classified in July 2016, as an invasive alien species of concern to the European Union.

The detection or suspicion of an Asian Hornet nest or specimen should be reported to one of the following means:

Contact the SOS Environment and Territory line – 808 200 520. In this case the observer will be informed of the procedure for the effective communication of suspicion.