In an interview published in the Diário de Notícias today, he said that “the resettlement process is having some difficulties” and that these can are attributed to the “Italian and Greek authorities, but this is only partially true and another reason has to do with the fact that the asylum seekers do not want to be resettled”.

The paper said that Portugal is not often chosen by asylum seekers as there is no history of granting that statute, as the country “only accepts about a dozen a year”.

The paper wrote that Portugal is willing to accept 4,754, but only 50 are expected before Christmas: 30 from Italy and 20 from Greece.

“The large majority of migrants who are in transit through Europe want asylum in Germany or Sweden, where many already have family and/or believe there are jobs and they can have a good standard of living. They always prefer the northern countries – the Iberian Peninsula is unknown”, he added.