Asylum seekers don't want to come to Portugal - Border agency

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Asylum seekers don't want to come to Portugal - Border agency

The assistant national director of Portugal’s border agency, Luís Gouveia, said that the resettlement of refugees is “having difficulties” because of bureaucracy, but also because the migrants want to go to the north of Europe.

In an interview published in the Diário de Notícias today, he said that “the resettlement process is having some difficulties” and that these can are attributed to the “Italian and Greek authorities, but this is only partially true and another reason has to do with the fact that the asylum seekers do not want to be resettled”.

The paper said that Portugal is not often chosen by asylum seekers as there is no history of granting that statute, as the country “only accepts about a dozen a year”.

The paper wrote that Portugal is willing to accept 4,754, but only 50 are expected before Christmas: 30 from Italy and 20 from Greece.

“The large majority of migrants who are in transit through Europe want asylum in Germany or Sweden, where many already have family and/or believe there are jobs and they can have a good standard of living. They always prefer the northern countries – the Iberian Peninsula is unknown”, he added.


This article confirms what these people really are , nothing more than vulgar economic migrants , who are misusing the asylum system to get to Europe . Refugee status is a temporary status , and as Merkel has admitted , refugees will be expected to go home one day , they cannot expect permanent residence in the EU , especially with 50+ million unemployed EU citizens .
Without massive deportations etc of illegal migrants and failed asylum seekers , there will be massive unrest across the EU , which will topple governments and political parties and possibly create another world financial crisis as the Euro fails

By PG from Lisbon on 28-02-2017 02:47

Ahahah their country is in war and destruction and they still are picky.. What a laughing matter, I guess they prefer Siria to Portugal then. But do go away from our lovely country as we have our problems and issues with already too many imigrants with Portugal. First the nationals, then give help to others.

By Pedro H. from Lisbon on 03-12-2015 11:28

I'm glad that they are not coming to Portugal
We don't want them

By Danny from Algarve on 02-12-2015 12:20

I am relieved that this is the case. Please leave our little country alone. We have enough to deal with corrupt governments, too much bureaucracy for those that bring wealth and are self sufficient never mind having to cope with those who bring nothing to the table except waiting for handouts. These migrants are smart, they want to go to organized countries where the financial and housing support is fantastic.

By Guadalupe Lopes from Porto on 30-11-2015 04:36
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