Two weeks before her disappearance Julia had an accident with her van which left her, as her friend and travel companion Tybo Gaggero said, “in a depressed state”.

Gaggero told The Portugal News that Julia took the necessities out of her vehicle after the accident and decided to stay with Tybo in his van.

On the evening of 28 June, according to Gaggero, Julia was alone in the van which was parked close to Pedralva and she was last seen at around 5pm that day. At 9pm Tybo returned to the van to check on her and realised Julia was gone. He said that her belongings, including her mobile phone, clothes and passport, were all left behind.

Julia is described as being about 170cm tall and weighing approximately 52kg. She has blue eyes and long blond hair.

The Austrian Embassy in cooperation with the local Portuguese authorities confirmed to The Portugal News that there is an ongoing investigation into Julia’s case.

The GNR told The Portugal News that there have been no sightings so far of Julia, despite reports on social media, where her case has been shared widely.

The authorities urge anyone who has any kind of information about her location, or has possibly seen her, to come forward and to call 112.