“There is work to be done on several islands to ensure better working conditions for farmers who use the agricultural roads affected by the successive storms in the region, and once again the regional government is committed to providing a rapid and effective response to farmers,” said João Ponte.

The holder of the agriculture and forestry portfolios was speaking on the sidelines of a visit to agricultural trails in the Capelas, municipality of Ponta Delgada, adding that work has already begun to restore normality to the affected trails.

He thanked the commitment of collaborators and said that the financial effort that is being made on several islands will not affect the investment plan for the modernisation of agricultural infrastructures foreseen for 2020.

João Ponte stressed that during 2020, €1.7 million will be invested in agricultural roads on the island of São Miguel.

The Agricultural Association of São Miguel warned of the degradation of several agricultural and rural roads due to bad weather in recent weeks, advocating measures to rectify the situation quickly.

In a note, the association said it was available to collaborate with the government of the Azores in drawing up a survey of the roads affected.