Bank holiday lock down measures announced

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The Government will enact a ban on travel between municipalities over the long weekend of May 1 to 3, using the same measures that were applied over Easter.

António Costa spoke to journalists after meeting with representatives of the trade and services sectors, and also with the leader of the Islamic community in Portugal, Abdul Vakil, after being asked about the long weekend between 1 and 3 May.

"For this weekend, which is extended, the Government will enact a ban on travel between municipalities, just as it happened during the Easter period. The objective is to limit the circulation a lot", said the prime minister.

In the case of Labour Day celebrations, next Friday, António Costa said that "it will be a different 1st of May for union centrals - and that is being clearly defined".

"It is essential to understand that, in order to be successful in controlling the covid-19 pandemic, as it has happened so far, every day we must have the greatest degree of containment and isolation. Even beyond the state of emergency, we will not return to live life normally ", he stressed.

Asked if, to be banned from circulation on May 3, it will be necessary for the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, to prolong the state of emergency, the Prime Minister objected that the current state of emergency is in effect until 24:00 May 2nd, a Saturday.

"This in itself compromises the possibility of inter-county travel. Regardless of the state of emergency, there are a number of other legal instruments, be it public health legislation or the Civil Protection Bases Law, which allows for the maintenance of confinement standards, restriction of circulation or conditioning in the operation of certain establishments ", claimed the leader of the executive.

In other words, according to the Prime Minister, regardless of what the President of the Republic decides about a possible extension of the state of emergency from May 2, "it is certain and safe that, even if the state of emergency ends, the country will not will return to normal ".

"Restrictions will continue to be in force with the legal authorisation that is necessary for this purpose. For May 3, there are legal measures that allow the application of these restrictions on circulation," he warned.

Regarding the conversation he had with the leader of the Islamic community in Portugal, Abdul Vakil, António Costa said that, in the same sense as the meeting with Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, Manuel Clemente, he received the guarantee that the rules of social distance will be respected.

"I have witnessed the commitment of the Islamic community in this regard. I want to address a greeting to all Muslims and thanks for the way they have actively contributed to the control of the covid-19 pandemic," he added.


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By to Toni Sinclair from Other on 05-05-2020 04:54

When can we surf again?

By João Barrel King from Algarve on 28-04-2020 09:29

@ John Dough, so you'd rather a million people died in Portugal from the virus, rather than restrict movement and association to limit the number of deaths?

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 27-04-2020 04:28

Government should open immigration after lockdown, all immigrants who are living in Portugal more then 3 months will give 1200 euro to 1300 euro and buy residency. It will help to stable economic

By Abdullah from Porto on 24-04-2020 07:43

Whatever the reasons, it is depressing to see how constitutional rights can be taken away by very simple legislative means. In a way this puts all of the European nations closer to states that we normally don't want to be associated with.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 24-04-2020 06:39
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