Miguel Maya said that he is convinced that the main goals of the strategic plan (2018-2021) that they presented to the market will be fully met, notwithstanding the greater complexity of the macroeconomic environment, as the delivery capacity of the bank’s teams and the strengthening of the commercial dynamics that they have been presenting to the market, quarter after quarter, will offset the loss of revenue resulting from the pressures on net interest income.

Despite admitting - without specifying - some “adjustments” to aspects of the strategic plan, Maya said that the goals set are to be met.

Recalling that Millennium BCP’s way of being in recent years involves defining a plan, implementing the plan, adjusting initiatives and fulfilling the plan, Maya said that the evolution in the coming quarters will allow them to prove the value of Millennium BCP that the markets will, in due course, make an appreciation less marked by the macroeconomic uncertainties of the present.

Regarding the factors that may be at the root of the devaluation of the bank’s securities, Maya said that the actions of Millennium BCP has reacted very intensely to the change in the perception of the markets about the implications for the banking sector of a macroeconomic environment.

An environment, he said, characterised by high unpredictability and marked by the cooling of world economic growth, strong global trade tensions, the greater probability of a ‘hard Brexit’ and the political crisis in Italy.