Beef in “harmony with the environment”

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Breeders of the Mirandese breed of beef cattle whose origin is Miranda do Douro, have argued that the production of meat of this species “is in harmony with the environment”

“The creation of this indigenous breed has allowed the creation of living and sustenance conditions in regions so often forgotten and that have unfortunately suffered and witnessed the phenomenon of rural exodus,” said Nuno Paulo, administrator of the Mirandesa Agricultural Cooperative.

Mirandese breeders’ associations rejected the statements of the rector of the University of Coimbra, which last week announced the banning of beef from canteens, the first step to make the University “the first Portuguese carbon neutral university” by 2030.

Breeders of Mirandese meat, which has the seal of production of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), say that it is produced with environmental concerns, grazed on traditional mudflats with the use of herbaceous and shrub vegetation.

“The Mirandese breed of cattle only stands out for its quality, it is not a competitive breed, exploited from the perspective of pure and hard profitability, producing only kilograms of meat,” he added.

Nuno Paulo said that the cooperative supplies meat to several school canteens and appealed to public entities to promote the consumption of national products in their canteens, discriminating them positively, promoting job creation and development of the country in an integrated way.


Before banning their home grown Beef maybe they should get a petition up to stop China burning more fossil fuel than all the other countries in the world put together and maybe all the countries who are making decisions to help stop global warming should stop trading with China altogether.

By Margaret Stephenson from Beiras on 28-09-2019 10:39
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