Beekeepers bemoan terrible year

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Beekeepers bemoan terrible year

Beekeepers across Portugal are complaining of having had a terrible year, with losses of up to one third of national production.

Honey production suffered a drop of 30 percent this year, with the Algarve, the country’s largest producer, being particularly hard hit by losses, which in some parts of the region have been almost total.
Figures were released this week by the president of Portugal’s National Beekeeping Federation (FNAP), Manuel Gonçalves, at the Feira do Mel honey fair in Bragança, Trás-os-Montes.
Some beekeepers at the event described 2012 as a “very bad and atypical” year.
Drought and below-average temperatures late spring were highlighted as the main causes for the plummeting national honey production. In some parts of the Algarve drops of up to 80 percent in production were registered, according to the head of the FNAP.

Manuel Gonçalves explained that lower regions were the worst affected, with half of normal production lost, whereas in mountainous areas “production is normal.”
Overall the Federation is bracing itself for an “impact on a national level, and on global production, with losses of 30 percent.”
“It is a bad year for beekeeping production and very bad for beekeepers from the areas where the flora is predominantly rosemary”, Mr. Gonçalves said in comments to Lusa News Agency.
The average annual honey production is in the region of 10,800 tonnes, which business-wise means more than €29 million in a market where demand outweighs supply.
In Portugal 600,000 hives belonging to 17,000 beekeepers are registered with the Federation, 1,000 of whom live solely from the profits raised through production and who own 40 percent of national hives.
The activity is a profitable one, in Mr. Gonçalves’ opinion, as “a beekeeper with 350 hives, the minimum needed to guarantee profitability from beekeeping, can make an income for himself and a second person, of around €1,000, pay off investment and after six years have everything paid.”


would like to meet beekeepers in lisbon will be there 6-1-2013

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