Better road signs contribute to reduced accidents

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Better road signs will contribute to reducing accidents, the president of the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) and the president of the Portuguese Association of Road Signs and Safety (AFESP) said.

“Road signs are an integral part of the infrastructure, which is one of the factors of road accidents, in addition to drivers and users of roads and vehicles. Clearly good signage is a factor that contributes to reducing accidents, as it makes the roads safer for all of us,” ANSR president Rui Soares Ribeiro told Lusa news agency.
AFESP President Nuno Balula also said that “the road environment directly influences road users”.“In addition to vehicle technology and driver experience, infrastructure and its conservation play a key role in promoting road safety, despite the importance of vehicles and humans,”

he added.
According to Nuno Balula, several studies “show that adequate infrastructure is one of the main promoters of road safety”, promising that “on the signage side”, AFESP intends to “contribute the technical knowledge to reduce this scourge”.


Why has it taken so long to realise this fact. It seems blindingly obviously that road markings, especially at junctions, will encourage drivers to stop. I have driven in many countries but the Portuguese drivers must be some of the worst I have ever experienced; in Europe that is.

By Raymond Lehky from Lisbon on 03-01-2020 08:15
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