The new investor platform and trader platforms will provide a solution for both beginner investors and seasoned traders alike. Clients will also benefit from personal support provided by the BinckBank team in Spain & Portugal.

“With this new multi lingual platform our branch in Spain can reach a much broader group of (potential) investors, including a large number of English-speaking expats as well as amongst our Dutch customers and facilitate access to a wider selection of global markets, and trade a variety of products”, said Vincent Germyns, CEO of BinckBank. “Moreover the new combined entity has a very solid and strong European footprint, which can be an extra plus for British expats in view of a possible Brexit”

BinckBank’s Investment Academy in Southern Spain is where clients come to meet with an expert and receive ongoing personal assistance and support. The BinckBank Investment Academy also holds a variety of seminars and events throughout the year also in the south of Portugal. Kaspar Huijsman, Director of BinckBank Spain explains that “every investor needs help, whether they are new to investing or have years of experience. At BinckBank, we offer our clients a free service where they can learn to understand their investments and develop a solid strategy.”