With the advent of November, not only have the wet and dark days of late-2019 arrived, but it is also the month when we pamper ourselves or each other on Singles Day (11/11) and Black Friday (29/11) with technical gadgets. Reasons enough to get comfy on the sofa for a few hours with a brand new screen and the curtains closed.

However, investors are also becoming increasingly fascinated by binge watching. Following the enormous success of Netflix, one after another of the American tech and media giants are appearing on the bright screen and series viewer. Below is a short guide for investors...

It is difficult to predict who will ultimately be the winners and losers, but friend and foe agree that the video streaming market is facing an enormous growth spurt.

Whereas last year this market was valued at around €30 billion worldwide, growth to more than €100 billion in 2025 is anticipated.

This growth is not only the result of new innovations around ever-faster mobile phones: ongoing growth of social media, blockchain, cloud-based streaming and artificial intelligence will also give video streaming an extra boost.

For our parents and grandparents, television was the central point in their household, but since then providers such as YouTube and Netflix have unleashed a true revolution. We no longer watch linearly and via cable, but rather postponed and streaming.

Major media and tech companies are also watching the market grow at lightning speed and are now racing to hook up. Monthly subscription fees, in particular, are a lucrative recurring source of income. This also makes it increasingly important for investors to follow the development of the streaming video market. Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Comcast, Disney and Netflix are some of the large listed parties in the market.

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Note that it is important to appreciate that investing involves risks and you can therefore lose part of your investment. Study a specific company in depth before you purchase their shares, and also make sure you study the figures and graphs.