Blood reserves at “far below recommended levels”

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The current levels of blood reserves in Portugal has led to the federation of Blood Donors stating their concerns about the situation.

The president of the federation, Alberto Mota, told Lusa news agency that the levels of blood reserves were “far below the recommended levels”, a situation which has not occurred at this time of the year to this extent for many years, especially in the A and O blood groups.
“We need to increase the donations of these blood groups. We appeal to healthy people, who are between 18 and 65 years old and over 50 kilos to conisder giving this girt. We need to quickly restore reserves,” he said.

Alberto Mota said that every year there is a decrease in blood donations at the end of the year, largely due to the festive period of Christmas and New Year and due to typical winter illnesses.
The Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation (IPST) has already called for the reinforcement of blood donations, in particular for groups A and O, which are the ones with the lowest levels” and below the recommended levels, a situation that has not yet been overcome”.
Most Portuguese have blood groups A and O and this is why these two blood groups are in highest demand.


I am RhBNegative. I would love to give blood but I am over 65 and lived in the UK during the foot and mouth crisis and was told by National Blood Transfusion service in the UK that my blood would not be acceptable. Contact me if anyone knows different

By Lindsay Bailey from Algarve on 22-02-2020 06:21

Happy to give blood. I am ab+. I can give in the UK but understand that because I lived in the UK during the bse crisis but Portugal authorities won't permit ne. If someone tells me otherwise then I will!

By David Clark from Algarve on 21-02-2020 10:26
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