The bones were found in December by a citizen in an area hit by a fire in the summer, about 150 metres away from the place where the accident occurred, in February 2019. Before the fire, it was a very shrubby area.

The PJ source said that the Institute of Legal Medicine finished the report on Wednesday, 22 April, and that it was confirmed that the bones belong to the 45-year-old driver, born in the district of Braga.

The case is being investigated by the Vila Real Judicial Police, however, there is no evidence of a crime, so the process should be concluded soon.

In February 2019, in that area of ??the A4, located between the nodes of Pópulo and Murça, close to one of the emergency exits, a 45-year-old truck driver disappeared after an accident with a truck.

At the time, the Vila Real GNR reported that when the military arrived on the scene they found the truck lying on the highway, without, however, finding any evidence of the driver.

That police force said that, according to witnesses and A4 video surveillance cameras, the man left the highway near the accident site.

GNR carried out searches in the vicinity and in the nearby villages, using dogs, and military personnel from the Vila Real command and the Protection and Relief Intervention Group (GIPS).