‘Brexpats’ launch alternative White Paper to ensure their rights are protected

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‘Brexpats’ launch alternative White Paper to ensure their rights are protected

Ten groups representing British citizens in mainland Europe have sent an “alternative white paper” to the House of Commons and peers in a bid to ensure their rights are afforded the necessary protection in Britain’s EU exit talks. The platform has also called on UK residents in Portugal to “step up and join the battle to conserve their rights.”

To coincide with the British Government’s White Paper publication, UK citizens living in the EU presented their ‘UK Citizens in Europe-Towards an Alternative White Paper’.
This is the biggest group of British citizens’ organisations in Europe working together for the first time to call for their serious concerns to be acted on before Article 50 is triggered. The groups represent thousands of British citizens living and working across the continent.
“Following the Supreme Court ruling, UK MPs have both the opportunity and the clear responsibility to make approval of the bill to trigger Article 50 conditional on safeguarding the rights and livelihoods of over a million UK citizens living in Europe (as well as around 3 million EU citizens in the UK). This should happen at the earliest opportunity,” said co-author and German-based lawyer Jane Golding.
‘UK Citizens in Europe - Towards an Alternative White Paper’ sets out clear concerns about being able to live, work, run a business or study in the European countries where many have made lives for themselves and their families.
Fellow author Jeremy Morgan QC added that “our paper shows the complex position of individuals who have moved to another EU country. It is clear that unless all rights are preserved, many people will have no choice but to give up their homes and their lives and return to their country of origin.”
In comments to The Portugal News, platform coordinator Giles Tremlett argued that the recently presented white paper said nothing new about the rights of UK citizens in Europe.
“The government has still not shown that it fully understands our problems, nor has it named the countries which it claims are blocking a deal that would resolve the deep anxieties held by a million UK citizens currently trapped in Brexit limbo.”

Tremlett also lamented that the UK government failed to use the occasion to reassure 300,000 pensioners living in Europe that it will not use Brexit as an excuse for freezing those pensions - a matter which he said is entirely in the government’s hands, and requires no negotiating with other EU members.
“It did not. We need more than that.”
He meanwhile said that the alternative white paper is the first step towards creating a cross-Europe movement of UK citizens who wish to make the defense of their current rights the top priority of the UK government and the EU in Brexit negotiations.
The Madrid-based journalist, author and historian however added that this is not an attempt to roll-back Brexit or prevent it from happening.
“We respect the referendum result. It is about making sure that the concerns of one million UK citizens resident in the EU - about residence rights, work rights, pensions, healthcare etc.. - are taken fully into account. We do not wish to be used as bargaining chips for, for example, car parts or banking licences.
“Our members come from all political affiliations, since we are narrowly focused on maintaining the current rights of UK citizens already resident in the EU and who made important life choices in good faith, expecting that Britain would never leave. Livelihoods, families and pensions are now under threat, and must be
Giles Tremlett also made a call on expats in Portugal to follow the lead of their compatriots in Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Belgium, where there are large and growing numbers of people belonging to interest groups whose aim it is to safeguard expat rights post-Brexit.
“We are seeking like-minded groups (however large or small) or individuals who wish to join us from Portugal. It is very important that UK citizens in Portugal, who share our problems, are also represented”, Giles Tremlett concluded.
Those seeking further information can contact Giles Tremlett at british


I still cant decide ...

Am I an Immigrant or an Expat ?
It seems Expat only apllies for Brits .

by Ricardo Porto from UK on 21-02-2017 12:32:00

Those ExBrits living in Portugal are not contributing to the Portuguese economy, not on their pension for for sure. However they bought real estate for rental purposes to make money and pay no tax in support of the the economy.

by Anthony from Other on 19-02-2017 05:17:00

Either you do not Brexit or go back to your island and stay there. Go already, we do not need you.

by hokan from UK on 18-02-2017 08:19:00

Any country that wishes to leave the EU is free to go, as long as they pay the price and take their companies and people with them. Just go home and enjoy your immigrant-free country. We shall do the same. After Brexit all British subjects lose any European rights. Some may apply for favors, but it would not be wise to talk about citizen rights. The rights come and go with your country's membership.

by European from Algarve on 17-02-2017 11:00:00

Thanks to Brexpats, and the Portugal News for printing this article.

Reference: Brexit and the United Kingdom State Pension (UKPS) for British Ex-pat Pensioners in the European Union (EU).

As a domiciled British ex-pat, pensioner,and resident in our beautiful area of Portugal, and, recently, not being a great supporter of the EU, it is however worth remembering, and crediting the EU with their support, and the actual implementation of the mandatory increases in the UKSP paid to UK ex-pats residing in the countries of the EU.

It was always bitterly, and fiercely fought and defended by the UK Conservative government, that UK ex-pats would ‘not’ receive these increases, where given to UKSP pensioners resident in the UK.

Credit is [unbelievably] due to the EU for forcing the British government to enable British ex-pats who are resident in a EU member country to receive those increments, as paid to pensioners in the UK.

Equally, the EU did establish the same rights for those British ex-pats who are in receipt of disability benefits from the UK government.

With the Brexit scenario rearing it’s head in the UK, and, as it is currently a British Conservative government, I can almost hear the government members, and their Whitehall mandarins salivating at the mere thought of getting their own back, and freezing the above pensions and benefits.

I do sincerely hope that I am wrong.

by Ronnie in the Beiras from Beiras on 17-02-2017 09:35:00

...And Ms. May's Govt. is going to take any notice???
Wake up people & smell the coffee plus sell-out...... YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN - from now on.

by 2Sugarsinmytea from Algarve on 17-02-2017 03:50:00
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