British in Algarve divided over UK politics

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The British community resident in the Algarve are divided over the outcome of the general election on December 12 and the UK's exit from the European Union, but none claim to want to leave Portugal.

“I voted to stay in the European Union (EU), but I am not voting in this election, I am disillusioned with politics,” Graham Read, a British pensioner living in the Algarve for three and a half years, told Lusa news agency

Read is hoping the election will be “neutral”, with no big results for both sides, prompting Boris Johnson to reinstate the EU agreement in Parliament, forcing a second referendum he believes , which will be "in favour of staying in Europe".

Even the polls, which give the current Prime Minister a margin of victory, do not hinder him, revealing confidence in a rise in the popularity of the Labour Party with “election day approaching”.

The same confidence is shown by a trio of other Brits, but they are expecting victory for the Conservative party, led by Boris Johnson.

The three Conservative supporters are unanimous in their feelings towards the leader of the Labour party: “Definitely not Corbyn!”

Of the three friends who chose the Algarve to retire, only two will vote on December 12 - one because they are returning to North London this week and the other by post

George, Tony and Alfredo say much of the population is "terrified" at the idea that the Labour Party will win the election, believing it will be bad for the British economy and its economy as it intends to "renationalise big business".

In this sense, they argue that conservatives have to get the majority and "push Brexit forward" to get out of the European Union and be able to re-control immigration and fisheries, no longer being "stuck" with European laws.

Assuming agreement with the idea of ??a Common Market, a reality existing at the time of the British entry into the European project, the trio disagrees with the current path of a “federal European” vision.

Another British expat, Steve, tells Lusa: "Here the division is 50/50, as in the United Kingdom", adding "it would be stupid to leave".


That’s very rich for EU immigrants (Brits) to complain about other EU immigrants! Lol ????

By Anna from Madeira on 12-12-2019 12:05

Does anyone see the irony of three Brits roasting under the Portuguese Sun while saying they don't want immigrants in the UK? What the hell are they doing in Portugal if you want to leave the EU

By Anthony from Algarve on 11-12-2019 10:19

Eric B needs to be careful of defamatory remarks, even against politicians. But then, he supports Corbyn, who sails very close to the wind on anti-Semitism. We had a democratic vote to leave, but our representatives have ignored that. Now we are fed up with the whole business and just want to get it done. I have lived here for half the year for 37 years and have no intention of leaving here either way

By Glenis from Algarve on 11-12-2019 06:38

George Tony & Alfredo I have to wonder where you get your information from because to say that the Brit population is terrified of a Labour win is just absolute nonsense. One can only assume you are so brainwashed with right wing Tory ideals that you actually believe such drivel. Personally I fail to understand why anyone would vote for a lying right wing fascist idiot like Johnson.

By Eric B from Algarve on 10-12-2019 01:06
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