British tourists ‘flying home early’ on renewed quarantine fears

in News · 03-09-2020 09:46:00 · 7 Comments

The representative in the Algarve of the Portuguese Hotel Association has said that some British holidaymakers in the region are bringing forward their departure dates due to doubts about whether Portugal will continue to be among countries covered by the UK’s “air bridge” scheme.

As well as people bringing forward their departures, many are cancelling their bookings outright, the association said, adding that there had been “a considerable number” already.


I certainly won’t be panicking and taking an early flight, Weve been here since last Monday and having a wonderful time. Portuguese keep you safe whilst shopping eating in restaurants in fact more safe here than back home in the UK. I’ll fly back on my scheduled flight and if I have to quarantine I will but it won’t stop me even returning back to Portugal ???????? in October now either.

By Trudy Maclean from Algarve on 05-09-2020 08:59

Agreed Annie,
The UK has become lawless.
My Mother has only been out of her house 6 times since March.. It's disgusting tbh.
Parliament passes a law and only a few take it in and do as asked..
Their behaviour is selfish with complete disregard for anybody but themselves!

By Joe Read from Other on 03-09-2020 08:15

We are staying for the duration of our holiday, which means we are staying till Sunday, but we have had a lovely time in this wonderful country and refuse to be panicked into finishing our holiday early. I'm glad that, for today at least, there are no changes to Portugal's airbridge status. Though with our Government, it is very hard to be relieved till we're actually home.

By Richard Sheldrake from UK on 03-09-2020 06:04

All those poor people who have cut short their holidays and paid criminal return fares didnt need to as air bridge is still ok for at least another week! All this due to utter incompetence of our 'government' which is too good a title for them. They are the masters of Chaos!!!

By Anthony Foxwell from UK on 03-09-2020 05:47

And to think that the holidaymakers who came to help the economy and the airlines are now being penalised by the airlines with fares between 650e and 800e to get back home early, hoe sick is that.

By Karl blore from Algarve on 03-09-2020 02:44

Many are cancelling their flight bookings? Staying here, indefinitely?

By Annie from Algarve on 03-09-2020 12:10

What a shame, we would like to say that we have had the loveliest time in Sintra this week, it's been amazing for us that it has been so quiet and at the same time we are acutely aware that the locals have seen a massive down turn in their economy - hygiene here has been meticulous, the locals following tight covid guidelines and have been incredibly welcoming - we are fortunate that we have jobs which enable us to quarantine if necessary on return, so came 'with our eyes open' - but have had a wonderful time in this beautiful country.

By Mandy Mitchell from UK on 03-09-2020 09:59
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