Britons involved in Algarve-wide drug bust

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Britons involved in Algarve-wide drug bust

British, Portuguese, Cape Verdean and Guinean nationals have been arrested in a major bust that dismantled a drug trafficking network involving the owners and employees of bars and clubs in the Algarve.

In total, 19 people aged 22 to 65 were arrested in the operation, which took place last Tuesday and involved over 100 police officers.

The Public Prosecutor’s office revealed on Wednesday that 13 people had initially been arrested, followed by a further six who were caught in the act.

Newspaper Público, citing a GNR police statement, reports the network involved employees and owners of nightlife establishments who “delivered the drugs to their customers” as well as “to homes, vacation homes or hotels in the region”.

The bust took place last Tuesday following an almost two-year investigation, leading to the arrest of the 19 people – 15 men and four women – for drug trafficking and criminal association.

The GNR statement further detailed that the trafficking network was allegedly led by two foreign suspects and “operated essentially in the municipality of Albufeira, but also extended its activity to several other municipalities in the district of Faro, namely Portimão, Silves, Lagoa, Loulé, Olhão and Tavira”.

In the scope of the investigation, “69 search warrants” were carried out, “30 of which were home searches, 29 on vehicles and ten on night entertainment establishments”.

A large haul of drugs – 19,471 doses of cocaine, 2,511 doses of hashish, 2,760 doses of heroin and 76 cannabis plants – firearms, vehicles and over €39,000 in cash and some foreign currency were seized in the vast crackdown.


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By William from Other on 30-09-2020 05:31

Why don’t the GNR pop ove r to Alentejo and dismantle the traffickers legal hectares of cannabis that the Portuguese government allow to be grown for export to Canada. Come on it takes a 100 officers to collect some weed plants. Think about how much safer we all are now they’ve got this weed off the street. I mean someone could have been laughing all night and gone to bed and had sweet dreams on that stuff.

By Bernard from Algarve on 28-09-2020 10:46

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By Annie from Algarve on 28-09-2020 12:02

Perhaps the new look should extend to publishing comments in various languages in order to expose this racist opinion.
"The British bring nothing good to the Algarve..they don't have much education, they only think about drinking and getting drunk cheap ..;"

By Jimminy Cricket from Other on 27-09-2020 12:59

Do you find that you generalise much Michel?

By Sean from Algarve on 26-09-2020 12:05

Who DO you like Michel, besides yourself?

By William from Other on 25-09-2020 04:14

Voici un message intelligent de la part de Michel qui n’a rien a voir avec le sujet.Le bon franco français dans toute sa splendeur, !

By Jeremy from Algarve on 25-09-2020 03:11

Michel - comments like this are an example why the French are not liked

By Andrew from Algarve on 25-09-2020 02:47

At least they speak English. French people are horrible and this previous winedrunk napoleon-wannabe Michel proves it. Bunch of soft baguettes...

By tais-toi from Algarve on 25-09-2020 01:51

Un commentaire outrageusement grossier et ignorant de Michel.

By Juls from Algarve on 25-09-2020 01:33

Merci beaucoup Michel!

By Paul from Algarve on 25-09-2020 11:55

Le s britanniques n'apportent rien de bon en Algarve..ils n'ont pas beaucoup d'éducation, ne pensent qu'à boire et se saouler pas cher..;

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 25-09-2020 08:21
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