Builders’ union pledge full legal support for Canada immigrants

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Builders’ union pledge full legal support for Canada immigrants

More than 400 Portuguese construction workers have shown interest in working in Canada, following the announcement made last week that the country is looking to recruit hundreds of people for public and private construction work in Toronto.

“We had more than 100 people coming to the union in person and more than 300 phone calls,” the President of the construction union, Albano Ribeiro told Lusa News Agency.
According to Mr. Ribeiro, both qualified and un-qualified people made enquiries, as well as engineers and security technicians.
Earlier this month, the Construction Union announced that Canada is looking to recruit a minimum of 400 Portuguese construction workers, offering salaries 10 times higher than those paid in Portugal, as well as living and working conditions that please the union.
Speaking at a press conference in Oporto, Albano Ribeiro explained that the union will help in the promotion of informative sessions about these job offers during the month of September, and evaluate the conditions proposed in the employment contracts.
“But then we will remove ourselves from the process, and only become involved if there are any illegalities or problems,” he said.

A constructor in Portugal earns around €3.14 per hour, around €545 per month, while the jobs in Canada around Toronto, will be paid at €32 per hour, equivalent to a monthly salary of €5,500, according to the information received by the union.
Canada immigration consultant, Yolanda Simão, has said the Portuguese workers will be offered two year contracts, and may take their families with them to Canada after a period of three months, with the guarantee of accommodation.
The recruitment “starts with hundreds and will reach thousands, it starts in Toronto and will reach the whole of Canada,” said Mr. Ribeiro.
The Portuguese Constructors Union’s judicial department will analyse the employment contracts for those who are interested, be they members of the union or not, and will not accept any irregularities.
Through this measure, the union aims to avoid the “suffering and abuse” that many thousands of Portuguese employees have experienced abroad.
Although Mr. Ribeiro is not looking to push people to emigrate from Portugal, he admitted that the employment situation in the construction sector has reached a point where many are unemployed and without benefits, having to rely on donations from the food bank to survive.
According to the construction union, 22 percent of the 700,000 sector workers are currently unemployed.


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by Miguel Costa from Other on 30-07-2012 02:02:00

I m a portuguese national residing / working in india goa would like to know the types of jobs offered in canada in the above article and if i can apply from goa or if i have totravel back home for clarification audience.

by hubert estibeiro from Other on 30-07-2012 06:58:00

Hi i am in canada and i need information on who to contact because i have someone intrsted in construction work and they are in portugal right now any information would be helpful thanks

by Isabel Fatima from Other on 29-07-2012 08:56:00
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