Businesses risk €15,000 fines for failing to register with the Electronic Complaint Book

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Businesses risk €15,000 fines for failing to register with the Electronic Complaint Book

Industry Association asks for extension based on system failures

Restaurant and hospitality businesses nationwide have requested for more time to adhere to the Electronic Complaint Book, citing difficulties in registration.

The deadline for all companies within the hotel, food, cafeteria and catering sectors to register was set on 1 July, and those who failed to do so could be liable to pay fines of up to fifteen thousand Euros.

AHRESP, the Association of Hospitality, Restaurant and Similar Industries of Portugal (AHRESP) has advised companies to ‘persist in their registration attempts while keeping records of said attempts, through, for example, ‘print screens’ of the moment’.

In the wake of the now expired deadline, the Ministry of Economy has announced a six month extension for the registrations, with AHRESP welcoming the move.

Following such successful opposition, the National Association for the Automobile Sector (ARAN) has requested that companies operating in their area of business are also granted extensions for registration.

Through the Electronic version of the Complaint Book the consumer would be able to file complaints and request information about essential public services and other economic activities.


How will this work, I haven't seen any info about how to use the system as a customer

by Sue Callaghan from Beiras on 08-07-2019 04:42:00

The consumer complaints system in Portugal is a farce, consumer rights are never upheld even when you follow through right to the top as far as you can go, the rougue traders here know this, just go straight to EU small claims online which supports claims up to 5K and should be free from internal corruption, good luck ppl.

by john from Other on 05-07-2019 06:47:00
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