Cafés and cake shops can stay open until 1am

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The government has confirmed that cafés and cake shops can stay open until 1am after the new rules in the context of the contingency situation raised doubts among entrepreneurs

In a note published yesterday the government clarified cafés, cake shops and other similar establishments may close at 1am, but they cannot accept new customers after midnight.

Portugal went into a state of contingency on September 15th; most establishments were originally to close between 8pm and 11pm, but the government gave local councils the autonomy to define closing times within that frame.


Don't let it confuse you! It's not the virus that's clever and sneaky, it's the people that are clever and sneaky...

By William from Other on 24-09-2020 04:49

Just another opportunity for people to sit somewhere socializing and drinking and a chance for small businesses to survive. While bars and nightclubs have officially been forced to restrict their opening hours, establishments that bear the name 'cafe' can still serve customers till 1 am. Most cafes serve wines and liquor as well, so this kind of a 'bar' would attract late-night customers.

By Annie from Algarve on 24-09-2020 11:40

This coronavirus is the strangest virus I’ve ever heard of.

It’s very dangerous in the way it spreads. It is so mysterious the
way it lurks in schools, but then dies at Home Depot. It can
wreak havoc in churches; praying people are exceptionally
vulnerable! Although it’s mind-boggling how it vanishes when
people stand close together holding signs, destroying
businesses, homes, property, monuments, etc.

Yet, standing to watch a marathon or a concert triggers its wrath.

It is sneaky. It can spread when buying clothes at Kohl’s but not
at Target. It is non-alcoholic. It can’t spread when you are
buying beer.

It lives for two days on Amazon boxes, you must
wait 48 hours to touch them but it can’t survive on Dunkin
Donuts coffee cups, so enjoying a hot cup of joe is safe.
It is the most curious thing, how it lives on basketballs, baseball
bats and ballet bars, but dies on WWE ropes and Walmart shopping

It is spread by hair stylists, dog groomers, and
dentists, but not by bank tellers, cashiers, and fast food

It’s so smart. It won’t bother the first 10 people gathered but it
knows when the 11th person shows up, so be careful if that’s

It even knows what you want vs. what you need. If you want
a massage or your nails done it is very actively on the prowl
and not even a mask can stop it, but if you need a plumber, it
is weak, and a mask will keep it away. It also seems to be most
dangerous after 5:30pm so businesses must start to close before
the virus comes out of hiding and wreaks havoc upon the
populations. It also requires dine-in restaurants to have a
shorter menu and you use real plates but only plastic forks and

Whoever heard of such a clever, sneaky virus?!?”

By Magnus from Other on 24-09-2020 03:58

To be outright honest none of this makes any sense... I mean who drinks coffee and eat cakes in cafes past midnight ?
Does the government know what they are doing ??

By Luigi from Lisbon on 23-09-2020 08:05

I fail to understand the gvrt´directives´logic. At 1rst, all establishments opened at night(bars, discos) had to be closed. Then, the gvrt said these establishments could be opened during the day and be converted into places that sell food, non alcoholic beverages(i failed to see how such establishments could turn any profit if they had to buy the things to do this conversion-buying expresso machines, coffee cups, shop window/front to exhibit savory and sweet pastries; but anyhow). Now i´m left wondering if the(pre-pandemic) typical "café"establishment will now stay open during these schedules, as well as 6-7am when ppl go to work and have breakfast(?). Or is this aimed at the(pre-pandemic) discos/bars newly converted into "Café" establishments? I might not be a genious, but you have to hand it to me that this info, given the context i just explained, is a bit confusing.

By guida from Lisbon on 23-09-2020 08:28
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