Call to revert CTT back to public sector

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The Constância Municipal Assembly, in the district of Santarém, unanimously approved a motion calling for the reversal of CTT into the public sector, and the mayors noted the “terrible services provided” by the private company.

“The quality of the services has been getting worse in the eyes of the public and what we want is for CTT to take the necessary measures to resolve the current situation and to provide a quality service to the people,” the mayor of Constância, Sérgio Oliveira (PS), told Lusa, noting that the mail “arrives with days and days of delay and, in some cases, is not even delivered to the recipients.

In the motion presented by CDU, and unanimously approved with the votes of CDU, PS and the Independent Movement for Constance (MIC), a situation is even described in which “abandoned mail was found”, in Abrançalha de Baixo, in the neighbouring municipality of Abrantes, with “hundreds of letters mainly destined for the parishes of Montalvo and Constância”.

In the same document, it is stated that “over the last few years, many complaints have been made to and about CTT due to the delay in correspondence and, in several cases, for the loss of that same correspondence”, and the mayor of the municipality has reported that the problem has “worsened in recent months” in that municipality.

“It is inconceivable that a company which is entrusted with a public service of the utmost importance for the harmonious, economic and social development of the country, which is the delivery of mail, could be weeks without the service being carried out or even subject to it never being done”, underlines the approved motion, which also calls on the government to “revert this company to the public sphere where it can greatly help the progress” of the regions.

In this sense, he concludes, “because we feel harmed and deceived by the service provided by CTT, reinforced by the fact that some of the misplaced mail is sent by the municipality”, the Constância Municipal Assembly decided “to ask CTT administration for justifications on such as unusual and irresponsible attitude”, as well as “to ask the Ministry of Transport and Communications for measures to put an end to such a deficient service”, together with the “reversion to the public sphere of the CTT company”.


Every time the mail service of any country, an essential part of the infrastructure is privatised disaster happens, prices go up service goes to pot, I've seen the ruination of British Royal Mail, as a postman serving in 3 different mail centres, luckily able to get redundancy and escape the death of the service. Portugal has made the right decision to renationalise the service, and hopefully with proper support should become the best delivery service as it was.

By Gareth T from Beiras on 27-10-2020 04:36

Capitalism and Privatization have broken the US election system, broken US rule of law, poisoned US food and water supply, ensured US regime change wars and mass shootings are constant. Please, do not take Portugal down this dark path. Take back essential services for People, not Profits.

By Wendy Hermance from Porto on 25-10-2020 07:54

I send my important paper this is very emergency for the this weik i ned to recev this paper please had to search tracking number

By Prashu ram kafle from Other on 24-10-2020 03:39

Laughable that such an insignificant bunch of people should 'deserve' the attention of Portugal News. Somehow I don't think the government will pay the slightest bit of attention to this, and quite rightly too.
Anyone who has lived through the 3 or 4 decades after WWII will acknowledge what a miserable failure Socialism was, and the state ownership of businesses that went with it. CTT should never have been in the public domain in the first place. As for missing mail, I think CTT does a far better job than other private transporters who do not know Portugal, its roads or street addresses well, despite employing Portuguese drivers. At least CTT has never come up with the feeble excuse that my address is 'unknown' (ie, we can't be bothered delivering the package, so we'll just tell the customer we couldn't find their address).

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 24-10-2020 12:29

hope so, ctt is trash all around the contry and provides an awfull service, they also have the monopoly of the currier services so we are awfully served

By Bruno Guerreiro from Lisbon on 23-10-2020 03:12

I have lived in my apartment for over 18 months and the other day I received a letter from EDP with my address but for a different person and not the previous owner. I ticked the box on the back of the letter to indicate that this person does not live here and put it in the CTT postbox. Some days later it was delivered back to me, so I repeated the exercise and this time marked it in large print, ' Não Neste Endereço', low and behold, I have just found it again in my postbox!

By Greg from Other on 23-10-2020 10:16
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