Calling all students

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Calling all students

The first phase of applications for higher education in Portugal has begun, with 50,860 places available.

In 2019, applicants have 1,087 courses available at universities and public polytechnics and the expectation of the ministry of science, technology and higher education (MCTES) is that the number of applicants is the same as last year.

Institutions of the country’s coastline – except Lisbon and Porto – are prevented from increasing the total number of spots available, which may mean adjustments: by increasing in a highly sought-after course, they must cut in another with little demand.

In institutions with lower demographic pressure or less demand, located mostly in the interior of the country, it is possible to increase places available in courses considered strategic for the specialisation of the institution,to a maximum of three courses per institution.

In all regions, it is recommended to reinforce supply in areas that the ministry considers key to the country in training: digital skills and data science.


This article makes no sense. A topic such as advanced education in Portugal should be given a lot more attention than this very poorly written article. Which institutions are accepting applications and which subject areas nd degree majors are open for enrollment? Have the student demographics changed over the past five to ten years? Are students with degrees getting jobs? Are there financial packages or incentives that support and encourage a higher education?

It would be great to see a series of articles on the higher education system in Portugal, particularly to see if changes have occurred over the past decade.


Cathy L. Hasson, Ed.D.

by Cathy Hasson from Lisbon on 19-07-2019 11:32:00
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