Calls for investigation into hotel licensing in Praia da Memória

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PSD / Matosinhos asked the Attorney General's Office (PGR) to “quickly” investigate the “beginning to end” construction of a hotel in Praia da Memória, which has contested because of its location.

In a statement, the president of the council, Bruno Pereira, said that it is important to "find out the whole truth" because the Matosinhos coastline, in the district of Porto, is "plundered".

The Social Democrat considered the whole process “strange”, questioning how it was possible that all entities with a legal obligation to comment on this project had approved it.

In addition, he asked why the local council, led by the socialist Luísa Salgueiro, remained silent after having licensed the work.

"Is the Câmara's objective now to wash the hands of this whole process, which only exists because it licensed it", he further questioned.

The PSD stressed that the majority that governs the municipality “is and has always been very slow in advertising any and all investments in the municipality”, but in this case “not a word for years”, namely the years between licensing and the beginning of construction.

The autarchy only spoke when the enterprise became known to public opinion, provoking widespread indignation, underlines the leader of the council.

For the Social Democrat, Matosinhos continues to be a “red lantern in the urban planning process”, comparing the licensing of the hotel to “a play”.

“So much perplexity gave rise to a process of investigations, which was not completed within the initial period, its period having been extended and which has also ended, despite the report and its conclusions still to be concluded and without being publicly disclosed”, said Bruno Pereira.

The deadline for investigating the hotel's licensing process has ended, but the conclusions have not yet been released by the Ministry of the Environment, which planned to do so by the end of February.

The Lusa agency has already questioned the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action on the matter, but has not yet received a response. In late February, the tutelage, questioned by Lusa, informed that “after hearing the interested parties, the report is in the conclusion phase”.

On 16 December, 2019, the ministry announced that it had determined to carry out this survey and, on the 23rd, it explained that it expected to have completed it in a month.

On 21 January, the tutelage said, in a statement, that it had approved the extension of the deadline for investigating the licensing process.

At the time, the ministry expected the report to be released by the end of February.

Lusa tried to obtain clarification from the municipality that refused to comment.


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