The proposed law 44 / XIV, which has caused much controversy in the sector, has been in the process of discussion and voting since 16 October in the parliamentary committee on Culture and Communication, together with amendments proposed, weeks before, by the parliamentary groups of the PS, PSD , CDS-PP, Left Block and PCP.

However, since 16 October, PS has introduced a new change specifically about the operation of “audiovisual services on demand by subscription”, that is, the so-called VOD (video on demand) services, such as Netflix, HBO and Disney +.

According to the socialist proposal, these operators should now be subject to “the payment of an annual tax corresponding to 1 percent of the amount of the relevant income of these operators”, without specifying how these revenues will be determined.

“If it is not possible to determine the value of the relevant income” of these operators, “it is assumed that the annual fee is €1 million”, reads the proposal.

The law proposal 44 / XIV transposes a European directive of 2018 to Portugal, which regulates, among all Member States, the offer of audiovisual media services, which includes subscription television channels, sharing platforms of videos and audiovisual services.