However, online therapy made it possible for more people to acquire counseling and mental health assistance. Online therapy entails the provision of counseling sessions via the Internet. Anyone can access this form of therapy anywhere as long as they have a smartphone, tablet or computer, and a stable internet connection. It thus eliminated the hassle of traveling to see therapists.

One of the reliable options when it comes to online therapy is Calmerry. The service offers a safe place for people to discuss their issues without fear of judgment. Also, it provides clients with access to hundreds of licensed counselors whenever they need assistance.

The service believes in treating mental health as a priority. It is also devoted to preventing mental breakdowns and considers it an essential aspect of managing mental health issues.

Calmerry offers a platform that believes that no problem is too minor to ask for help. Furthermore, the service is for everyone, from people seeking therapy for the first time to those further ahead in treatment.

Calmerry excels in a unique area called “joining the dots.” It entails creating robust networks and promoting the experience of people seeking advice and solutions to troubling issues. It is achieved by offering clients easy access to knowledgeable and experienced specialists in helping individuals better their lives.

How Does It Work?

Calmerry provides a platform where patients can access psychotherapy without having to see a traditional therapist. With the service, clients communicate with their counselors via the Internet. There are different modes of communication, including text chat and video calls.

Individuals have to subscribe to different plans contingent on their spending power. The cheapest plan provides the basics of online therapy, and higher levels have more perks.

Clients schedule 30-minute sessions with the counselors to discuss their issues. The service offers flexibility in scheduling, whereby clients pick times that suit them best.

Regarding payment, Calmerry accepts major cards such as American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. Besides, it offers the ability to switch therapists whenever a client feels that they are not a good match.

Joining the Dots: The Special Thing About Calmerry

The connection a client has with their therapist is essential. A person needs someone they can trust. Besides, they need someone they feel comfortable talking to about troubling subjects and intimate secrets — someone who will be a partner in the recovery process. For therapy to be effective, this bond should be present. Hence, seeking counseling from highly-qualified therapists is vital.

Why Calmerry Is the Right Solution for Your Therapy Needs

Online therapy can be traced back as far as the 1980’s when internet connections became widespread. Since then, different sites have taken the responsibility of offering mental health treatment over the Internet. However, for a client looking for the best service to entrust with your mental health, Calmerry is the site for you.

First, the service provides access to licensed therapists. Most of the other sites only offer counselors who are not necessarily licensed. With Calmerry, however, you are sure your assigned professional is certified in the field.

Second, then the service offers very fair rates. Traditional therapy is quite expensive as compared to what you will pay with Calmerry. With conventional therapy, individuals have to pay per session. Contrarily, with Calmerry, you are offered different subscription plans to choose from where you can pay monthly. The prices are a lot cheaper than what face-to-face therapists charge.

Third, Calmerry has fantastic customer support who are well-trained individuals ready to help clients with service issues. Customer support is always available, and you can contact them at any time.

Fourth, communication is easy with Calmerry. Through text and video calls, clients can raise their concerns and receive immediate feedback from professionals. Furthermore, clients can have therapy anywhere they want and wherever they feel comfortable. It also makes it easier for persons with social anxiety or trust issues to acquire assistance remotely.

What Services Does Calmerry Offer?

Calmerry offers a variety of services, and one has to choose depending on what they are going through. Amazingly, the service provides both individual therapy and couple sessions. Some of the main areas that the service specializes in include:

  • Self-esteem therapy;
  • Career counseling;
  • Couples therapy and relationship counseling;
  • Emotional abuse therapy;
  • Family therapy;
  • Grief counseling for those who have experienced loss.

Calmerry therapists are specialized in listening to clients and providing proper advice for different situations. They are sensitive individuals who have vast professional experience and can be trusted to provide counseling with no judgment or discrimination.

Advantages of Trusting Calmerry for Online Therapy

Calmerry is one of the best online counseling sites out there, and several features of the service support that. Here are some of the main ones we’ve gathered.

Privacy and Security

The service is strict with confidentiality and privacy. Client sessions are private, and all the information they provide during sessions remains confidential. Furthermore, clients are allowed to use nicknames to protect their privacy.

Clients Choose Their Method of Communication

With Calmerry, you choose the mode that suits you best in terms of communicating with the counselors. Some people find texting more convenient as compared to video calls, especially those who have hectic schedules. Others prefer video call sessions for a more personal touch. You choose whichever mode you like.

Scheduling Is Easy and Flexible

Scheduling sessions with Calmerry is simple since individuals get to choose sessions that are favorable to their schedules. The flexibility enables individuals from anywhere in the country and across all professions to access counseling whenever they find the time.

Matching Algorithm for Clients and Therapists

As a client, you want a professional whom you are comfortable talking to and who possesses specific characteristics that you value. Calmerry uses an algorithm to match clients with their therapists. The algorithm takes the preferences that clients have into account to find them the right counselor.

Get Started on the Best Online Therapy Service Today

Whatever you might be going through, you don’t have to do it alone. Acquire the assistance and advice of a licensed therapist you can trust at Calmerry and start managing your mental health. Calmerry values its clients and always put them first. Fill out the request form and get matched with the right therapist for you at reliable rates.