In a note sent to Lusa agency, the UA states that the REAP project - Recycling and Refunding of Aluminum and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) packaging was approved by the Multiannual Financial Mechanism Environment Programme (EEA Grants).

The basic principle of the project is that students and workers at that school can be reimbursed for each bottle or can they return.

The environmental assessment of this pilot project will be carried out through a life cycle analysis.

“The intention is to acquire equipment that allows the transformation of PET into a suitable raw material for research projects in the area of ??3D printing, incorporating new materials, producing new products (packaging) and evaluating their quality, promoting and supporting the recycling sector and the secondary raw materials market", says the UA.

The UA also highlights the “strong” social vocation of the project, as it is intended that the financial contributions from forwarding the collected product are channelled to school social actions, translating into direct support for the institution's needy students.

For the implementation of this project, the UA will have as partners the Norwegian company Infinitum and the municipalities in the area where the University extends.