Throughout the day they could witness the environmental education and conservation efforts that are promoted all around the park. They could also witness the work done regarding caring and animal welfare: under the guidance of biologists and veterinarians, Zoomarine's residents are thoroughly cared for by using voluntary medical behaviours. This means that all preventative medical procedures are done due to the trust relationship between species and trainers.

As a special souvenir of the day they had the opportunity to take a picture with both the pirates and with the dolphins.

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey met and coupled up during the second season of Love Island in 2016 and took the British public by storm – going on to win the series. They are actually the only couple who stayed together after the series ended, getting later engaged and marrying. They are now the proud parents of a young boy Freddie, nearly 2 years old.

They were aproached by many UK tourists who also visited Zoomarine on the same day and all time they were very friendly to all people they met.