The artists have a studio in Ferragudo, the themes used in their works are usually linked to the marine fauna and flora of the Algarve and are always concerned with pollution and human carelessness towards nature. Their works and creativity are influenced by artists such as Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro and Jorge Barradas.

The Exhibition "Century of the Seas" is a culmination of years of work that aims to explore the union between the human being and the seas in the various representations of the marine world, a millenary connection that pierces the timelessness of a military fort such as Forte Ponta da Bandeira, established as a bastion of defence of the oceans.

The ceramic stoneware sculptures aim to highlight the endless originality and amazing beauty of these sea creatures, many of them on the brink of mass extinction, while at the same time alerting current generations to the inevitable reflection on the imminent threat of pollution on the sea.

The “Century of the Seas” Exhibition will be held at Ponta da Bandeira Fort in Lagos from August 31st to December 28th from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2pm to 5pm. The price of admission to the fort is 3 € (1.50 € for + 65 years and Youth Card).