”In compliance with measures to protect workers, this law reduces from 180 to 120 days the guarantee period for access to social security benefit for workers on non-renewable contracts which have expired or been terminated by an employer during the trial period,” reads the statement of the Council of Ministers.

Social security benefit is awarded to those who do not meet the conditions to receive full unemployment benefit (the dole). In order to be entitled to social security, the beneficiary must comply with the condition of resources, i.e., he/she may not have movable assets (bank accounts, shares, investment funds) of an amount higher than €104,582.40 and each member of his/her household may not have a monthly income higher than €348.61.

The reduction of the guarantee period to 120 days was agreed between unions and employers in June 2018.

In the same agreement, changes to the labour laws will enter into force, as a rule, in October.