In comments to Lusa News Agency, the American ambassador expressed reservations about Chinese investment in Portugal.
He said that Portugal was one of the access points to Europe of the belt and road initiative (a Chinese infrastructure project across the world where they have invested around a trillion dollars), with George Glass saying: “I wouldn’t use the word worried, I’d use the word concerned”.
The question is the kind of Chinese investment that is “very different” from the other countries since these are “state-owned entities”, with a direct connection to the political powers in Beijing, Mr Glass said, stressing that in this model the economic interests are subordinate to the state interests.
He also added that the Trump administration is satisfied with Portugal’s commitment to increase defence spending in line with the NATO proposal.
Commenting on letters the USA sent to various NATO partners demanding an increase in military spending, George Glass said that “Portugal was not on the list and did not receive this letter”.
NATO, pressured by the USA, is demanding that the partners spend at least two percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on common defence.
The US ambassador said, however, that “Portugal assured a commitment of two percent” and, at this moment, “this is what the USA wants: the commitment”.