The key to this success is in the preparation, we pressure wash all walls to remove algae, mould and salt deposits that have gathered there over the years, the damaged render is removed and cracks are chased out, then fibre reinforced and polymer-modified cements are used for repairs, to ensure a perfect bond.

After applying a heavy duty base coat primer, we apply at least two topcoats, a method that eliminates penetrating damp and allows the walls to breathe.

The wall coating is made with high levels of UV resistance to keep the colour stable and looking fresh and clean, but also to insulate the walls, giving you maximum thermal protection and by keeping the walls dry, it prevents heat loss, making the finished work extremely flexible and perfect for the Algarve climate.

We at PPS are the number one specialist in the ongoing internal damp problem in the Algarve, with the strongest systems, so properties can be damp free for many, many years.

PPS also specialises in terrace and patio coatings, which have proven a great success in nearly ten years of operating in the Algarve and in colour and transparent roof coatings.

In a nutshell we can add value to your investment by transforming and protecting your property.

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