The two PET (positron emission tomography) devices are essential for the study of the brain and the diagnosis of various diseases (neurological, cardiovascular and cancer disorders), according to a note sent to Lusa.

The authorisation for the acquisition of the two machines - which will be located at ICNAS and at the Coimbra University Hospital Centre (UC) - was recently approved by the government.

The equipment was purchased under the BIN (Brain Imaging Network)/National Network of Brain Functional Imaging, a project led by the UC and ICNAS.

The University said that the two new PET scanners reinforce the leading position of the UC in the area of nuclear medicine and brain imaging and will open more perspectives in the field of research and clinical applications.

With the new equipment, it will be possible to combine nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMR) and PET with the collection and processing of data generated for basic and clinical research purposes, and so strengthen PET imaging.

The acquisition of the two PET scanners is 85% financed by the European Regional Development Fund.