Coming up Trumps in Portugal?

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Coming up Trumps in Portugal?

Reports of a visit by US President Donald Trump to Portugal at the end of August have yet to be confirmed

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa told press that he had formally invited President Trump to visit Portugal while in Paris in November last year but added that nothing as yet has been confirmed.

“I invited him, in a clear and formal way during the time of the armistice, on 11 November in Paris,” Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa told reporters.

When asked about the confirmation of a date of the visit, the President of the Republic replied: “There is no confirmation.”

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa had already said previously that he had made an invitation to Donald Trump the last time he had been in the French capital in November, adding that the President of the United States of America “said at the time he was very interested and available to visit Portugal.”


So happy to see that one of America´s greatest presidents might visit Portugal. I am delighted to see, as of yesterday, that the Witch Hunt, has finally come to an end.

by James Ross from Lisbon on 25-07-2019 04:57:00

I feel sorry for the people defending TRUMP saying he's the best president the US ever had. In 65 years I've never seen people so brainwashed as these clueless people. I am GLAD they are living in PT and away from me. Also feel sorry for those Americans who moved to PT to get away from this VILE IGNORANT DISCUSTING MAN. He barely beat Hillary in electrorial votes and lost in actual votes. Now that he has shown us who he REALLY IS, there is NO way he can win another term because he won't get those rust belt states again and has such a force against him MUCH LARGER than before he was elected. Just look at the comments on any news outlet, they are 80% ANTI TRUMP, maybe 25% FOR.
The USA needs to get back to it's MORAL self by getting rod of this guy.

by Guy Hamilton from Other on 24-07-2019 08:53:00

The anti-Trump-demonstration is a super idea, best place for it would be the airport!If he really arrives let us kick him back home !

by Renate Schaefer from Algarve on 23-07-2019 06:05:00

I think it would be great to have Trump visit Portugal.
As for all you haters out there, he often says what you are thinking and never have the bottle to say it !
1st President to start trying to de-nuclearise the Korean peninsular
Has pulled out of Iran deal due to their failing to keep promises made yet Europe is still giving them Billions in Aid and yet even the Iranians have admitted exceeding their Plutonium levels.
Has named Jerusalem as Israels capital, well that makes sense as Jews have lived their for millenia eg King Herod was a Jew, Jesus was a Jew, they all lived and died in Jerusalem, so why the big deal it's always been the true Jewish capital !!
As for the USA, highest employment rates ever and stock markets in ascent.
We need more Trump's around the World.

by Paul McDowell from Algarve on 22-07-2019 06:50:00

Portugal has always played a low key, keep the door open to all sides game, even in WWII. Trump is odious, but de Sousa is a smooth statesman, and America is a huge market. Figure it out. Hate dictators, hate racists, hate misogynists. But acknowledge expediency and the need for world trade and immigration. The Creep in Chief will go home after a few days, and Portugal can fumigate - maybe with some nice, new deals in the bag.

by Jude Irwin from Beiras on 22-07-2019 03:08:00

I am very worried about the Climate Crisis and 6th major extinction catastrophe which is happening now, and from his Climate Change denial and damaging to the environment actions so far, I have come to regard Donald Trump as a serious threat to life on Earth and a big part of the problem we face worldwide! Please do not welcome this horrible man to Portugal, which already has many terrible environmental problems from wildfires, droughts and forest loss, through to the carcinogenic herbicide Glyphosate aka Roundup showing up in tests on many people's bodies! Trump would be likely to add to the threats to the countryside and wildlife habitats of Portugal.

by Steve Andrews from Other on 21-07-2019 03:22:00

If you invite him please keep him - we in the USA do not want this piece of racist trash!

by Chris from USA on 21-07-2019 10:07:00

While I understand that it is good manners and diplomacy on the part of Portugal to invite the evil toddler, it makes my skin crawl to think that he might darken our shores and poison our environment. He is the most disgusting excuse for a human being and everything he does and says is shameful. Having just left a country with leaders like him, I would hate to think that Portugal might now be on his radar! Please don't let him anywhere near this beautiful country!

by Janine Westerweel from Lisbon on 21-07-2019 10:06:00

Interesting to see the number of comments this generated (& the reach of the Trump internet spiders.) My only question is "why bother" - why would Portugal wish to stick its head above the parapet ? Why invite the controversy and a possible stain on Portugal's reputation ? - There would need to be something very significant (nay essential) at play here that people are not aware of. If not - then , why ?

by John from Beiras on 21-07-2019 10:03:00

A Portuguese living in the USA;) best President best economy on this planet, the envy of the world, but if you believe the communist media than you are poor very unfortunate soul following the PIDE Pipers of the World; God bless the POTUS

by Silvestre Miranda from USA on 21-07-2019 02:18:00

Portugal’s president is doing the right thing in inviting Trump to visit the country. Politicians are there to represent the countries’s national interest and put personal opinions aside. Whatever is is happening inside the US is none of our business!

by Anna from Madeira on 20-07-2019 11:16:00

You Trump haters are silly. Look at the facts at what he's done for this country. And then look at the power that he is challenging and that is why the media and the vested interest have convinced people who don't think for themselves. Ask yourself who's pulling your strings into making you such an emotional hater. He will be re-elected and the world will be better because of it.

by Gabrial from USA on 20-07-2019 06:34:00

Which is more likely, that Trump is the rapist or that Clinton is the rapist? Answer: Clinton.

by Jim F from UK on 20-07-2019 04:01:00

Why would anyone INVITE this racist, rapist, disgrace of a loser into their country? Portuguese government gone nuts or what?
Seriously, even such an idea should raise questions about the sanity of the president (Portuguese president to be clear). The other one doesn't even deserve to be called anything.

by General population from Lisbon on 20-07-2019 11:17:00

Noooooooo please nooooo. Don't allow this evil piece to darken the beauty that is Portugal. Now my home!

by Diana from Beiras on 20-07-2019 10:46:00

Yes my dear president Marcelo! Let's give president Trump a crash course about respect, world history and common manners. He desperately needs it! I'm lusoamerican and ashamed that the country I was born is so poorly represented...

by Isabel from Lisbon on 20-07-2019 10:25:00

Wow main stream media is doing a great job on the sheeple, scratch below the surface ppl, Trump is a propper statesman, dont be so easily duped, prize your selves away from antisocial media.

by John from Other on 20-07-2019 09:51:00

Very diplomatic to extend an invitation for a visit. Be very happy if he doesn't come. I for one will be.

by Kenny Simon from Lisbon on 20-07-2019 08:09:00

Please please senhor President cancel the invitation to Trump he is no more than a dark cloud to he's Country and to the World I did Born in Portugal my beloved Nation and I live for the last thirty five years in Canada a Country I'm thankful for all this years but the Country in my heart is Portugal where I'm planning to go back and retire till the end so all this year's I'm witness the social degradation in the USA where has culminating to the present times I do believe any close relationship with US at the present time is very dangerous I do hope for a better time for US and the world so don't contaminated my Nation with a disruptive mind ..
Please keep Portugal safe
Thank you very much

by Antonio from Other on 19-07-2019 08:10:00

Do not invite this evil dictator racist bigot moron to your beautiful country. Wherever he goes trump foments hate. His presence will leave your country stained....

by LINDA SCANLAN from USA on 19-07-2019 07:23:00

Dear our honarable president Marcelo rebelo de sausa Please don't invite the recist person ( originally German)here in portugal. portugal is a historically multy cultural country. don't divide the people here we are one nation one country. We love our country we everybody make better our country. thanks

by mohammed shamsul islam from Lisbon on 19-07-2019 05:58:00

Having just moved to Portugal from South Africa I beg you not to invite Trump to mar this beautiful country with his bigoted speech and racist views. He is a disgrace to his country and the world.

by Divienne Conyngham from Algarve on 19-07-2019 05:45:00

I came to Portugal to get away from the hate that is in America now. I hate the slogan " Make America Great Again". It was a GREAT

by Mike from Lisbon on 19-07-2019 04:51:00

No, just no. Trump wreaks havoc wherever he goes. He is already hell-bent on destroying the USA, please don't invite him to beautiful Portugal.

by Honey Ward from USA on 19-07-2019 04:40:00

Welcome to the best president the USA has ever had - solving problems wherever he goes. Don't listen to the PC opinions of the MSM, find out what's really going on and see the light. Four more years! MAGA!!

by Jez from Other on 19-07-2019 03:50:00

Do not invite Trump! Portugal is now my home and I am forever thankful for the welcome I have received here. It is a nation of civility and openness, untainted by the corrosive tides of shortsighted populism and xenophobia exemplified by the present but, hopefully, not future president of the United States of America. I should welcome a visit by a US President who truly reflects the better angels of American society but that is not the morally bankrupt Trump. As an American citizen resident in Portugal, I cannot but deplore the denigration of all the humane values I find in Portugal by an invitation to this unrepresentative minority president. Portugal is better than that.

by Dr. Jan McM. Saltzgaberaltzgaber from Other on 19-07-2019 02:21:00

If he comes, let's organize an 'anti-Trump' demonstration! SERIOUSLY. Anti-Vietnam demonstrations helped get us out of Vietnam. I'd organize it as much as possible!

by Alice Walker from Lisbon on 19-07-2019 02:19:00

Please keep Trump our of Portugal.

He causes trouble and problems wherever he goes!

We are pleased to be living in such a tranquil country; why endanger its peaceful status?

by Bruce Joffe from Alentejo on 19-07-2019 12:51:00

Please no! As an American who very much enjoys my home and life abroad here in Portugal, I beg Portugal’s leadership NOT to invite this man to this wonderful country! Portugal you are better than this; I beg you to stand against the racist, exclusionary, corrupt values of this this man and his family. He has not only damaged America but has fueled the nationalist fire throughout the world.

by Stephanie Bennett from Algarve on 19-07-2019 11:48:00
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