“In the current context of the covid-19 disease, and exclusively for reasons of protecting the health of oneself and third parties, measurements of body temperature can be carried out for workers for the purposes of access and permanence in the workplace”, says the Decree-Law (DL) 20/2020, which takes effect on Sunday, May 3.

The diploma adds that this procedure "does not prejudice the right to individual data protection, and the registration of body temperature associated with the person's identity is expressly prohibited, except with the person's express authorization".

“If there are temperature measurements above normal body temperature, that person's access to the workplace may be prevented”, further states Article 13-C of DL 20/2020, regarding “body temperature control”.

Among other measures, the Government's plan to continue combating covid-19 provides for mandatory confinement for sick people and under active surveillance, the general duty of home collection and the mandatory use of masks in public transport, public attendance services, schools and commercial establishments.