The searches “were carried out with the authorisation of DIAP [Department of Investigation and Criminal Action] of Lisbon and monitored by the police.

“The PCA has decreed confidentiality of justice in the proceedings in order to preserve the interests of the investigation.

The PCA conducts such proceedings under the powers conferred on it by the Competition Law, as a means of obtaining evidence of anti-competitive practices. This does not imply culpability of the companies raided.

The authority stresses that “the violation of competition rules not only prejudices consumers, but also harms the competitiveness of companies, penalising the economy as a whole”.

Since the beginning of 2017, the PCA has carried out search and seizure operations in 22 cases corresponding to 56 facilities, namely in the sectors of river tourism transport, driving schools, distribution and large-scale distribution, insurance, food sector association, advertising association, telecommunications, provision of health and health services.

“The measures in question are in line with the priorities set by the Competition Authority for 2019, which focuses on stepping up investigations into practices that restrict competition”.