According to one reader of The Portugal News, the dogs belong to the owner of a local beach bar.

The reader, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that in the morning the dogs are left free to roam around the area, sometimes chasing tourists, beachgoers, joggers or people that are walking with their dogs. The reader claims that he watched “ladies run for their lives and small children huddled crying on the side of the road.”

The resident had already complained to the GNR, but this situation remains. The owner of the restaurant told the resident that he will not stop letting his dogs roam free just because of other people and added that “animal instinct is sometimes difficult to control”, according to the reader.

According to a GNR email sent to the resident on 6 July, the necessary measures are going to be taken, however, nothing has changed yet, and the dogs still chase people that walk around the area.