“The moratorium implemented in the context of extraordinary measures to combat the negative impacts of the crisis was an essential measure to prevent what could be an absolute disaster. However, companies are already making payments of the normal contributions due, plus the amounts that were subject to a moratorium, and this is a very significant financial burden at a time when the problems caused by the pandemic are far from being overcome”, states the President AICCOPN.

For Manuel Reis Campos, “at a time when it is necessary to continue to support the efforts made by them to maintain jobs, despite all the constraints imposed by the consequences of the current pandemic outbreak”, the implementation of a new moratorium is necessary for the fulfilment of companies' tax and contributory obligations.

According to the associative leader, it is necessary to “ensure conditions so that the national business fabric can support this unprecedented fall in economic activity”.

“And, even in sectors such as construction and real estate, in which most companies did not stop due to the declaration of a state of emergency, operational difficulties and reduced productivity remain, so the financial flow of the tax burden and contributory must also adjust to this new reality”, he adds.

According to Reis Campos, at a time when the sector is “seen, on a European scale, as a decisive bet to reactivate economic activity and employment, and with a view to strengthening European funds for Portugal and increasing essential investment projects, it is necessary to ensure that Portuguese companies are able to position themselves competitively for these opportunities”.

“The economic crisis has not faded and companies need to be given more time to deal with the difficulties of the current situation and maintain the jobs that we all hope will be necessary for the next phase, of the economic recovery and the start of investment, therefore, establishing a moratorium for the payment of taxes and social contributions is, at this moment, an important measure for Portuguese companies”, concludes the president of AICCOPN.