Coronavirus “stable” in Algarve after two weeks of daily single figure rises

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The coronavirus epidemiological situation in the Algarve "is stable", after two weeks with daily single figure increases in new cases.

This is according to Regional Health Delegate Ana Cristina Guerreiro, who said the numbers achieved "at the height of summer, at a time when the population of the Algarve has tripled", in practice, mean that the Algarve has a ratio of less than 20 infected per 100 thousand inhabitants, that is, it is within the norms Europeans consider it a safe region.


May be best to stay where you are, for your sakes and ours. Just look what has happened in Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Malta after the silly rush for holidays.....

By Anneli Naskali from Algarve on 20-08-2020 12:05

It is Unbelievable no covid 19 at all people use mask when shopping and travel but I consider
Only news full them selfs been over for two months
Makes me frighten to get back to London Uk in my point off view it. Is safe us nuts I don’t believe thing is lots of no sense covid-19 people died when they conect to machine see Boris Wasn’t connect to the machine the blinking guy didn’t die kkk

By Paulo from Algarve on 20-08-2020 10:52

Just came back from the Algarve and i felt much more safer there than i do in my home town of Newark-on-Trent the level of cleanliness hand sanitisers and face mask wearing in Portugal were superb i take my hat off to Portugal they are so on it with covid 19 situation i salute them well done Portugal Time to get the quarantine ban lifted

By Tanya Louise Faherty from UK on 20-08-2020 10:15

Come on boris lift the flipping quarantine NOW due in Portugal next Thursday and again in Sept but 2 of our party can't self isolate

By Lynne Jones from UK on 20-08-2020 09:48

My wife and I have holidayed in the Algarve for more than 20 years and will be visiting again this month, totally confident we will be safer than at home in Scotland.

By Derek Tucker from UK on 20-08-2020 09:44

Having had to cancel our holiday to Portugal on two occasions since the beginning of the pandemic we have now decided that the time has come to listen to our hearts and take our holiday in Albufeira in September.
If we have to self isolate on our return then we will do so, after all we have done it in the past and it's not going to put us off.

By Malcolm Rowley from UK on 20-08-2020 12:09

Having just returned from two fantastic weeks in the Algarve. I would like to say how much safer I felt there than back home in England. Everyone was adhering to social distancing, wearing face masks where required. Your country needs congratulating.

By Jo Bemrose from UK on 19-08-2020 11:07

Hey hey, on my way to Silves in 2.5 weeks... GET IN I can't wait

By Glenn Greatwood from UK on 19-08-2020 06:56

Just returned from Algarve and the level of cleanliness and rules of wearing face masks and hand cleaning were excellent .Flew with Ryanair staff on the aircraft the staff were exceptional with hygiene and safety .And rebook with them for October so let's get the quarantine lifted .

By Annemarie Hynds from UK on 19-08-2020 05:47

I cannot believe the uk gov as places like Cyprus and TURKEY which is a lot worse than algarve and still Portugal are being targeted well I will be there on the 21st aug as have been going there for last 13 years

By Gina from UK on 19-08-2020 02:37

Now can we go back to some sort of "normal", without facemasks, hand sanitizer and (a)social distancing?! It's GONE, get over it.

By fred Doe from Algarve on 19-08-2020 10:30

Can't believe the UK government..Think most of it is they want us to spend money in the UK.. well we have decided Portugal is safe enough for us see you next week

By Lynn berry from UK on 19-08-2020 09:20
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