Costa states that Centeno is a possibility for the Bank governor

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The prime minister has said that Mário Centeno is in with a chance of taking up the role of governor of Banco de Portugal, saying that he has all the personal and professional skills necessary.

António Costa was speaking at the Palace of Belém after the brief inauguration ceremony of João Leão as Minister of State and Finance in place of Mário Centeno.
Asked if Mário Centeno could be proposed by the Government to assume the role of governor of Banco de Portugal, succeeding Carlos Costa, the prime minister replied: “It is a hypothesis”.
“Professor Mário Centeno has all the conditions from a personal and professional point of view. He has all the skills to exercise the functions of governor of Banco de Portugal. The governor of Banco de Portugal [Carlos Costa] has already recognised him. No one has any doubts on this matter”, he added.
Regarding the process of appointing the new governor of Banco de Portugal, Costa said that he will speak with the new finance minister, João Leão, and with the current holder of the position, Carlos Costa.
“As I always said, I will never make a decision without first listening to the different political parties. I did not like the way the previous government [PSD / CDS-PP] decided to renew the current governor without listening to anyone. I always said I would not do it, therefore, I will listen to everyone at the right moment”, he declared.
The dialogue between António Costa and the parties about the new governor of Banco de Portugal is scheduled for the end of this month.
The Prime Minister did not give any details as to the reason for the departure of Mário Centeno from his Government, instead he highlighted the fact that “for the first time in 46 years of democratic life, Portugal had a finance minister who served a full four-year legislature and still stayed for the next”.
“We have to respect that everything has a cycle in life. This was an end of a cycle for Dr. Mário Centeno, which I respect and understand. What is very important is that his departure does not mark any break or any reversal of the policy followed,” he said.
António Costa added that the fact that João Leão, until now Secretary of State for the Budget, succeeded Mário Centeno showed “a gesture of continuity”.


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