Costa stresses that hygiene rules will be in force after the state of emergency

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The Prime Minister stressed on 20 April that hygiene and social exclusion rules will continue to apply after the state of emergency ends in Portugal, until a vaccine against covid-19 is available in the market.

António Costa left this warning after a meeting of about one hour with Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, D. Manuel Clemente, at the Seminary of Olivais, on the conditions for lifting restrictions on circulation as of May, after the end of the current state of emergency phase because of combating the covid-19 pandemic.

"This is not yet a time for the country to let its guard down in terms of confinement and social distance measures. Until there is a vaccine, we will not resume normal life. Even without a state of emergency, we will not be able to live as before," he declared.

Before the journalists, António Costa said that the country cannot live "permanently in the current cloistered situation", but, on the other hand, it will not be able to return to normal until there is a vaccine.

"We have a long period ahead of us in which, even without a state of emergency, we will have to maintain norms of social and personal hygiene, rules of removal, restraint and limitation to circulation, or voluntarily - as happened with the decision Episcopal Conference -, or imposed by the State based on the powers it has", he stressed.

At this point, the Prime Minister reiterated the idea that, when the state of emergency ends, eventually on 2 May, "everything will not return to normal".

"Until there is a vaccine, we have to maintain standards for living with the virus, which will be around. This is still the time to maintain great rigor and discipline with regard to containment and social withdrawal," he added.


So Costa finally admits we will be under house arrest until they get a vaccination for a virus. So then will he be dictating that everyone must have a vaccination before one is released from house arrest?? Why not a cure or natural herd immunity which works much better than a questionable vaccination? All for a virus that 80% of people will have no systems.

By Nancy from Madeira on 20-04-2020 10:03
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