In a statement sent to The Portugal News, the PSD Party of Faro praised the “determination of councillors” in the case and stated that they hoped that the new regulations would help to increase tourism in Faro while boosting the local economy.
“PSD of Faro congratulates the Municipal Executive for the approval, in yesterday’s session (5 March) of the Municipal Assembly, of a regulation for the management of the future Camping site of Praia de Faro, whose building works are already taking place, representing a municipal budgetary effort of around half a million euros”.
The statement continued: “For the first time in its history, Faro will have a campsite open to all, with management based on the quality of the facilities and services provided and with respect for the use of public facilities.
“This is undoubtedly due to the determination of the councillors, who never stopped their efforts to overcome this crucial project, which was to return to the population a space that, being public, nobody understood because it had been appropriated by a small group of individuals who insisted on staying there, contrary to the general will of the people of Faro”.
On 16 September 2019, the association of users of the former campsite of Faro beach delivered a precautionary measure to stop their removal from the space on 1 October, the date on which the municipality initially intended to start the requalification works.
In September 2018, the Faro City Council terminated the lending agreement signed in 2010 with the users’ association, giving the space one year to be vacated, with a view to commencing the requalification works.
The campsite in Faro closed to the public in 2003, continuing to be used by those who were already there and in 2010 to manage the users’ association, through a lending agreement with the municipality.