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A campaign has been launched to encourage the buying of Portuguese products to help boost the economy, complete with a seal of approval for national products.

The campaign “Portugal Sou Eu” has been created to raise consumer awareness to look for products and services, which generate added value in Portugal and will run until 15 July, with 3,400 companies and 1,200 participating establishments.
With the objective of recovering the Portuguese economy, the 16 Ambassadors of the programme declare their commitment to help Portugal with the “Portugal Sou Eu” campaign under the slogan of “What unites us? Being Portuguese is what unites us. And this seal is our guarantee. Choose Portugal”.
Carolina Piteira, Cláudia Vieira, Cristina Ferreira, Cuca Roseta, DAMA, Fátima Lopes, Fernanda Freitas, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Júlio Isidro, Júlio Magalhães, Justa Nobre, Luís Buchinho, Luís Onofre, Nélson Évora, Rosa Mota and Vítor Sobral are the 16 Ambassadors who have all put their names to the campaign.
Consumers are challenged to help with the rebuilding of the economy of the country, through the purchase of products with the “Portugal Sou Eu” seal, especially at a time when the country is going through enormous challenges, and the programme aims to support the recovery of the economy and fight against unemployment.
“The support of the progra-mme’s Ambassadors is crucial at a time when it is necessary to transmit a sign of unity and hope for the future”, says the Ministry of Economy, continuing: “We know that the Portuguese already value the origin of products and services, but at this moment, more than ever, it is important that they favour the purchase of Portuguese products, valuing and boosting the national offer”.
The campaign, developed by the advertising agency Nomore, will run on television, radio, digital platforms and social networks.
The “Portugal Sou Eu” programme was launched in December 2012 by the Portuguese Government to boost the competitiveness of national companies, to fight unemployment and contribute to the sustained growth of the economy.
Aimed at the primary sector, industry, services, handicrafts, retail and wholesale trade, catering and accommodation, “Portugal Sou Eu” already has more than 10,000 products and services qualified with the seal, which together represent an aggregate turnover of more than €12 billion.
Most products have registered trademarks, with 57 percent belonging to the food and beverage sector and 23 percent corresponding to handicraft activities.
The programme, co-
financed by Compete 2020, through the European Regional Development Fund, is managed by a management body formed by the Portuguese Business Association (AEP), Portuguese Industrial Association - Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AIP-CCI), Confederation of Farmers of Portugal (CAP) and IAPMEI - Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation.


I always buy local produce where possible but buy expensive items abroad for three reasons.
1. The consumer laws seem to favour and protect the large retailer instead of the consumer.
2. The prices are way over the top compared to other countries.
3. Greater choice.

By David Clark from UK on 29-05-2020 11:58

Great idea. And for your expatriate community encourage a "shop local" campaign.

By Mary Jo Dutra from USA on 29-05-2020 11:49

It is a very good campaign, but one needs to give some sort of incentives or rebates to the manufacturer so that they can reduce their cost making it available in the market at a lower price locally , thus entice the citizens to buy local product which is as competative as thhe imported one. Imports on the said products should be reduced, giving the opportunity to local products to gain hold on the local market. Secondly the product should be as good the imported product or should be in the position to compete with inernationl export market, its only then the Company makes a name getting itself renowned in the international field thus making the name of the country from where its been produced, once you hold international grounds through exports the economy of the country will see growth.

By Terencio T. Mergulhao from Lisbon on 29-05-2020 05:43

I would like to relocate myself. Please help me to immigrate myself to Portugal. Please.

By Md. Abdul Haque Sarder from Other on 29-05-2020 05:30

As long as the prices are competitive definitely

By Sergio Espirito Santo from UK on 29-05-2020 03:47
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