COVID 19: Portugal 23 March update

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The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Portugal has risen to a total of 2,362 today, an increase of 14.6% in the past 24 hours.

According to data from the DGS, as of today, 22 people have recovered from the virus, while 30 have died since the outbreak in Portugal.

The total number of suspected cases in Portugal currently stands at 15,474, up by 13.2 percent over the past 24 hours.

There are currently 203 cases being treated in Portugal in hospital, with 48 patients being treated in intensive care units.

In the north of Portugal there are 1,130 confirmed cases, in Lisbon and the Vale do Tejo 852 cases, in the centre 293 cases, the Algarve has 46 confirmed cases, there are 12 cases in the Azores, 11 in Madeira and six in the Alentejo.


Don’t believe the numbers!
“Never have so few tests been done on Covid-19 in Portugal. "The numbers suggest that we are reaching the limit of the available tests, and therefore, to ration them", concludes mathematician Jorge Buescu, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, based on the Situation Report presented daily”

By Joe Veritas from Lisbon on 25-03-2020 08:43

No you CAN'T go for walk HELEN SEDMAN, unless that walk is more important then putting the lifes of others in risk ou even your own.
Portugal is under a State of Emergency and even if wasn't you just need to look around to see that the situation is serious. You only can go out for important reasons, like to go the pharmacy, hospital, by food...
Please don't tell me that you have more 65 years old... In Spain only yesterday 400 people die, and 87% was more then 70 years old. If not you just don't like older people. Take care.

By Pedro Rodrigues from Lisbon on 25-03-2020 02:57

Great for you Portugal ,I wish to congratulate all residents of Portugal for the rapid response and sacrifice made ,by acting early and putting yourselves under lockdown u have saved many a life,the virus has reached its peak and will now go down keep up the good work, once again u all have shown the world what leadership is .All for one ,one for all.!

By Joao Carlos Bastos from Other on 24-03-2020 08:48

My husband has just been stopped by Police in Alvor while out for a walk on his own.They told him No walking and go home!! We understood you could go for a walk but of course practice social distancing.Please can you tell what is correct? Thank you

By HELEN SEDMAN from Algarve on 24-03-2020 02:21
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