COVID 19 - Portugal update 17 March

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Number of infected people rises to 448

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus has risen to 448, 117 more than those recorded on Monday, the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) announced today.

According to the bulletin on the epidemiological situation in Portugal, released today at 12pm, there are 4,030 suspected cases (more than 1,122), of which 323 (374) are awaiting laboratory results.

According to DGS, there are three recovered cases.

The number of confirmed cases in the north stands at 196, in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo 180, in the central region 51, in the Algarve 14 and in the Açores 1.


I can not get a straight answer from my travel representative, as I have holidays booked in Portimao, Algrave, Portugal for 3 weeks in June, I am a pensioner if I decide not to travel to Portugal will I lose all my monies paid, my holiday insurance only covers me for the 3 weeks that I would be in Portimao. Yours Joe.

By Joe clonan from Other on 18-03-2020 11:41

Guys, this is a virus that is mostly airborne... The gloves are not really the answer... What is more important is that no bigger crowds come together and cough and sneeze it in the, to stand in line at shops and supermarkets in large crowds does make little sense. Maybe even worse than in the shop where are no puffs of wind bringing the virus into motion...

By Thomas Wissmann from USA on 17-03-2020 08:49

I think you have an excellent idea...and one that would be very affordable and immediately available to all! But also, we could begin to wear gloves and simply spray them with an antiseptic of some sort, such as alcohol, and not have to wait for someone to "make them"! We could start doing this immediately...and if the gloves are cloth, we could respray the gloves every hour or so, and alcohol is cheap so it wouldn't matter if we use a lot of it! I think I'm going to start doing this immediately...thanks for the suggestion.

By Antoinette Matlins from Algarve on 17-03-2020 04:37

Why don't we get made gloves that are impregnated with some form of antiseptic
so as you ware them you protect yourself and every thing you touche will be sanitized.
or use a spray to spray your gloves regularly during your travels. This would soon sanitize every thing if many people use them. what do you think.

By bob Carter from Algarve on 17-03-2020 02:05
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