Covid 19: Portugal Update, 22 March

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The official number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Portugal has risen to 1,600, up 25% in 24 hours.

The latest figures from the DGS have shown that the number of suspected cases has also risen over the past day to a new high of 11,779, up 19.5 percent from the recorded number yesterday of 9,845 suspected cases.

Currently in Portugal 169 people are being treated in hospital for coronavirus and 41 people have been admitted to intensive care units. 1,152 cases are awaiting lab results and a further 12,562 cases are being monitored by the authorities.

There are 825 cases in the north, 534 cases in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, 180 cases in the central region, 35 cases in the Algarve, 7 cases in Madeira, five cases in the Alentejo and four cases now confirmed in the Azores.

Another two people have died over the past 24 hours in Portugal over the past 24 hours taking the total death toll to 14, while the number of cases of recovery remains at five.


Norway +Lisbon

By Akhtar nadeem from Lisbon on 23-03-2020 11:08

Erik, According to Safecommunitiespirtugal you can walk outdoors:

"Can I leave the house for exercise or pet walking if I am in the under 70, without medical conditions group?

Yes, you may leave the house for short trips outdoors and for physical activity. There should be no physical activity in groups. You can also make short trips for the purpose of walking and feeding animals."

By DonegalArt from Algarve on 23-03-2020 09:28

This is not a normal influensa virus, more likely some state or terrorist organisation have engineered this virus (high contagion/low lethality and aimed this attack against NATO countries in Western Europe, countries like Sweden where the virus have had a small level of damage is not a member of NATO.

By Nisse from Lisbon on 23-03-2020 07:41

Made in China like everything else in the stores!

By Maria de Santo from Lisbon on 22-03-2020 11:02

Maybe you haven’t read the other articles.
-Walking outside by yourself is allowed for exercise.
-How the spread/incubation period works is that it takes awhile of being quarantined for the case numbers to come down. It hasn’t been long enough for all of the cases before the state of emergency (“quarantine”), to become apparent. Also, more wide spread testing has been taking place.

I hope everyone can keep using their brains and common sense and not go into panic mode. And keep washing those hands!

By Elizabeth from Alentejo on 22-03-2020 10:43

Has any know when the coronavirus disease will finish in Portugal and in Europe

By James Sumner from Porto on 22-03-2020 06:06

Please all area be care

By Ash gurung from Other on 22-03-2020 05:45

So the number has tripled since
" declaration of State of emergency"
=> To be indoors does not help
What helps is to avoid close contact with other persons.
Walking outdoors by yourself is very healthy, but forbidden

Common sense would be better that declarations

By Erik Eriksson from Other on 22-03-2020 03:27
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