When you put the old saying (read it carefully), “practice makes permanent, only perfect practice makes perfect” next to the three categories of players, it doesn’t take too much thought to work out who will improve and who won’t, who will be excited about their game and who will find their lives resembling a version of ‘Groundhog Day’ doomed to repeat the same cycle day in and day out.

So on a refreshing note we believe we have found a solution to increase your golfing prowess in just four days. We introduced the concept of a ‘bootcamp’ style to coaching, where over the period of four days we cover every element of the game in detail, explaining the purpose of what you are trying to achieve whilst comparing the ideal to what you are actually doing. Then we fill in the gaps between what you want to do and what you currently are doing.

If you think about it this way, there are six main areas of the game which you have to tackle and master, to achieve a level of competence. These six areas being; the long game (head covered clubs), mid irons (5 to 8 irons), short irons (9 iron to SW), chipping, putting and bunkers. If you are weak in one area the game will stutter, falter and plateau, especially if it’s around the short game.

During the four days, usually Monday to Thursday, we coach 16 hours with equal time spent on each area, a thorough review of your game carried out over four days. What is really fun about the coaching in this format, is that we cover everything in such detail so comprehensively that the players partaking see improvement immediately.

What’s more is that the common denominators between every area of the game are reinforced every hour, so the learning style you encounter is more of an improvement through emersion and absorption than laborious hours practicing.

Why make a difficult game look impossible? All you need to do is to clear four days in your diary, we run these Crash Course intensive sessions once a month for a maximum of four people; as I write this we have one slot available for the course which starts on the 15th April and three spots for the May course. So there are currently spots available for these very reasonably priced courses.

What’s the price I hear you ask? Well for sixteen hours of coaching, including a nine hole observation session (on the Monday I come out onto the course and watch you in your natural habitat so that I can see exactly what’s going on and where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so I can tailor the rest of the week’s coaching to your needs), the price is €240, including golf balls hit and Fiona’s wonderful cakes at the breaks during the week.

You will leave on Thursday understanding the game far more clearly, you will be able to practice more efficiently, play more enjoyably and have achieved this over four days.

When I am coaching in my usual one-hour slots I get a lot done, but having the undivided attention of a player for sixteen hours is amazing due to the depth of detail covered, the level of understanding achieved is phenomenal.

You really ought to try it, we are based at Vila Sol, we are called Golf Integrated Academy and our number is 912 263 555. If you have any questions about the week please give us a call, we would be happy to answer them. In the meantime, if you need more convincing have a look at Trip Advisor, ‘Things to Do’ in Vilamoura. You will see our reviews and that we can really turn your game around! Don’t forget 912 263 555.