CTT workers on strike on 29 May

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The National Union of Postal and Telecommunications Workers (SNTCT) has delivered a strike notice for 29 May, covering workers from CTT Expresso and CTT - Correios de Portugal.

The SNTCT therefore informs the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CTT Expresso and the Executive Committee of CTT - Correios de Portugal that workers will go on a general strike "from 00:00 on 05/29/2020 until 24:00 on 05/29/2020”.

According to the union, workers do not accept the proposal to allocate a meal card as a form of payment for the food subsidy, thus replacing the monthly payment by bank transfer, as has been done so far.

CTT workers, says the SNTCT, want to continue to use the payment related to the meal allowance “according to their will” or preferred location.

Furthermore, the union claims that, with this decision of the company, there are hundreds of workers who will start to have a net remuneration lower than the national minimum wage.

The SNTCR clarifies that, during the strike day, the services necessary for the security and maintenance of equipment and facilities will be provided by delegates and union leaders, as well as by workers who do not adhere to the strike.

The union also ensures that the collection, dispatch and distribution of medicines and perishable products will be guaranteed.

If the administration does not back down the decision to pay that subsidy through a food card, which, according to the SNTCT, constitutes a breach of the Company Agreement, “a new strike will be declared on 12 June and new ways of fighting will be analyzed”, adds that structure.


Just pay them a fixed monthly salary including all extras. They are not Children! If they want lunch, they pay. If not, then they can bring their own sandwiches. Portugal is stuck in 1960s policy!

By Joe from Lisbon on 20-05-2020 08:07

They need to privatise the CTT! We need a type of Margaret Tatcher running the country not a soft left wing party!

By Anna from Madeira on 19-05-2020 01:46
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