Deaths rise by almost 6,000 since March

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The number of deaths recorded in Portugal between the beginning of March and the end of August has risen by almost 6,000 when compared with the same period in 2019.

Statistics show that overall, around 58,000 fatalities were recorded, with only 3 percent a direct result of Covid-19. Health authorities say that the pandemic only explains part of this increase, with a series of heat waves and increased difficulty to access the health service being blamed for the rise in mortality.


Most probably we have 6 000 deaths due to Corona and not less than 2 000 as stated in the statistics.

The classification/follow up of reasons to death does not seem to work.

By Erik Eriksson from Algarve on 16-09-2020 08:38

Last sentence, dear.

By William from Other on 15-09-2020 02:59

What does this even mean? What are people dying of then? Car crashes, murder, drug over doses???

By Victoria East from USA on 15-09-2020 09:31
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