DGS says it is difficult to know whether Portugal is already facing second wave

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The Directorate-General for Health (DGS) has said that it is "very difficult" to know whether Portugal is currently facing a second wave of Covid-19, despite the marked increase in the number of daily cases.

"Regarding the second wave, it is clear that we are experiencing an increase in the number of cases, and in Portugal in the interval between the first months and now. We have always had a situation with cases every day and every week," the Director General of Health told journalists at the regular press conference updating the numbers of Covid-19 in Portugal.

Graça Freitas maintained that "it is very difficult" to answer whether or not Portugal is facing a second wave of Covid-19, since this is the first time that the virus is being dealt with.

"We don't have a pattern for its behaviour over time. What we do know is that on the epidemic curve we are showing a marked rise which is expected to continue. If it's a second wave or not in a few days, in a few weeks, we'll see if this trend continues and will stay," she said.


Stop violating my rights!

By Maria from Lisbon on 19-09-2020 02:02

Actors need publicity....you can't trust them. Who cares what they think anyways...think for yourself.

By William from Other on 18-09-2020 02:55

Tweet by actor James Woods:

In every major news event cell phone videos invariably materialize. Every shooting, fire, earthquake, tornado. Where are the videos of the hospitals being overwhelmed with patients?

Something is creepy wrong and very scary about this entire event

By Magnus from Other on 18-09-2020 12:50

While DGS seems so detailed in their graphics; it's interesting that they don't give us numbers of asymptomatic cases. Tests are scientifically proven faulty and not specific for Covid-19. The question is "how long will people keep up with this nonsense"?!

By Ann from Algarve on 17-09-2020 04:29

Somebody turn off the two broken records! SVP

By William from Other on 17-09-2020 02:54

The "2nd wave" is nothing but a data wave. Where are the hospitalisations, where's the deaths? There's just asymptomatic "cases", stop this fear mongering right now!! The msm is creating it!

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 17-09-2020 11:25

Bizarre que tout d'un coup le ministère de la santé ne sait plus rien...Le Portugal veut à tout prix sauver son économie au détriment de la santé publique et fait semblant d'ignorer la situation alarmante apportée par les touristes anglais!

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 17-09-2020 09:20
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