"Next week, DGS will present the specific plan for the autumn / winter period. As we know, in the face of a new virus, the scientific community has been evolving in relation to the knowledge it has and regarding the measures adequate for its containment ", said António Costa.

"Before we think about what new measures we can take, we must focus on the measures we already know we have to comply with", he defended, before urging citizens to comply with "five" basic rules of prevention and security against covid- 19.

António Costa then asked citizens to "wear a mask as much as possible and when it is obligatorily".

"Regular hand hygiene must be maintained throughout the day, strictly respecting the respiratory etiquette (coughing only into the elbow and never without any protection) and maintaining adequate physical distance. And I appeal to you to download and use the 'stayaway covid' application that scrupulously respects data protection, ensures anonymity and ensures that each of us, if infected, can warn others without identifying all those who have been unconsciously or involuntarily infected. These five rules are fundamental ", he insisted.

According to the Prime Minister, if these rules are followed, it will be possible for the country to control the pandemic.

"We will be able to ensure that the school year can run smoothly, we can guarantee that companies will be able to stay in business and above all, we guarantee the protection of employment and family income", he maintained.

In this context, António Costa reiterated the idea that the confinement that took place between March and the beginning of May will not be repeated.

"The social cost of the confinement was brutal, the personal suffering of each person was enormous and the pain to families was great. We have to avoid going through all this again. This time, no one has any doubts: It is in the hands of each one to ensure what is needed ", he added.